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We are constantly developing and perfecting our existing products and constantly developing new products. At present, there are five German experts who are responsible for the three major customs of design, production and inspection. They are high-tech enterprises that truly absorb German technology.
  • A27H spring threaded connection swing type safety valve
  • JXZ331 Self pressure regulating valve
  • A47H Flange type spring micro open type safety valve
  • TYP800 Split pressure reducer control valve
  • TYP300 Multi-stage decompression drying control valve
  • FIG580-A/B/C Two-way carbon steel control valves
  • FIG681 Pneumatic bellow 3 way control valve
  • FIG680 stainless steel three way and two way control valve
  • TYP910 Labyrinth control valve
  • CS41H Free-float steam traps

We adhere to the business philosophy of "Quality is the root, integrity-based", and we are committed to managing our business. We are customer-focused and provide our customers with a full-service, full-service company that enables you to have a good product while at the same time Have a rest assured after-sales service.

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